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You've got a boomerang and you fight skeletons. You can rack up a high score by getting combos (defeating multiple enemies in a single boomerang throw), and get upgrades.

This version of the game includes 3 new stages, 4 challenge areas hidden across the overworld, new overworld graphics, an opening + title screen, new music from DimWiddy, and a bunch of other little things.

In addition it still includes the 6 stages and 2 bosses from the previous demo, as well as tracks from fjant felix and SymphonicGames


Arrow keys - Move/Select menu items

Z - Jump

X - Throw boomerang

X (while boomerang is out) - activate technique

C - Roll (even works on the overworld now!)

A - Change boomerang

S - Change technique

Enter - Pause/Initiate selected menu items

M - Increase music volume

N - Decrease music volume

F4 - Change screen size

Y - Open locked stages on the overworld

Left mouse click - Drag the player around on the overworld

Music credits:

fjant felix - Good Ass Jam: Snow/Ice stages

fjant felix - That's Not My House!: Graveyard stages

SymphonicGames - A Brief Interlude: Overworld

SymphonicGames - Halt!: A Fast Getaway: Boss

SymphonicGames - My Favorite Thing Is BASS!: Coast stages

SymphonicGames - Rockin All Night: Cliff stages

DimWiddy - Counting to One: Opening

DimWiddy - Hit the Ground Running: Title

DimWiddy - The Wandering Samurai of Snow: Japan stage

DimWiddy - Racing Seals: Bonus

More information

Published149 days ago
StatusIn development
Player countSingleplayer


skeleton boomerang demoday version.exe (26 MB)

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